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To get the Agon Pro AG254FG all setup you need to get the stand together first which does come on the front of the foam packaging, not inside the two pieces of foam like the monitor itself does. The stand comes in two pieces, you have the vertical portion which has the mounting plate and all of the adjustment for the monitor is built into this portion. AOC has given this part a few red accents which if you look close you can see the hinge that pivots and the main red part is also what will slide up and down for monitor height adjustment. The bottom half of the Agon Pro AG254FG stand is thinner and aluminum for the 3 legs that keep everything planted on the ground. The vertical half slides into the top of this and the bottom has a screw with a flip-out wing nut that you can tighten the two halves together without any tools.

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The mounting pad for the monitor has two hooks at the top and then a latch down at the bottom which is also tool-less, you just hang the Agon Pro AG254FG on the stand it will latch into place. This portion does have a 90-degree pivot built in so you can use the Agon Pro AG254FG in a horizontal or vertical layout but what is especially interesting with this are the four contact pins on the mount. These work with contact pads on the back of the monitor to keep the four connections working even when spinning. The contacts are for the logo projector which is lower down on the stand that projects the Agon logo onto your desk.

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Here is a look at the stand connection on the back of the Agon Pro AG254FG. You can see at the top where the two hooks slide in and the latch spots at the bottom. The rainbow-looking contact surface for the projector at the bottom of the stand to stay connected in horizontal or vertical is cool as well. The four pre-installed screws can be removed for VESA mount support if you would prefer that over the included stand which is always good to see.

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The bottom edge of the Agon Pro AG254FG has all of the I/O for the monitor split across two sections. The smaller right section has the 20v power plug as well as a USB connection for the included OSD pad which is a wired controller for the on screen display. There are also three 2.5mm audio jacks in this section as well, one is a microphone in and one is the microphone out and there is also a headphone out which will bypass the built-in speakers to your headphones. The larger I/O on the left has a USB 3.2 in and next to it four USB connections. They are especially colorful and that is because the two blue ports are standard USB 3.2 Gen 1 plugs through the hub. The yellow also has built-in fast charging and I believe this port stays powered and the green port support Reflex latency analyzer which can be turned on in the on screen display to show you your mouse latency. This main section also has a DisplayPort 1.4 port on the right and there are two HDMI ports. It’s important to note that both the HDMI and Display port connections will support the 1080p resolution but the HDMI only goes up to 240 Hz so if you want the full 360 Hz you will need to run the DisplayPort with a proper DisplayPort 1.4 cable. Also on the bottom edge, there is an addressable RGB strip with a white diffuser. The Agon Pro AG254FG comes in at 72.4 mm thick as well which is surprisingly thick.

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The front of the Agon Pro AG254FG has nearly no bezel on the top and sides of the screen. The bottom bezel is thicker and is 7/8 of an inch thick. This has the AGON branding in the center and on the far left they also have Nvidia G-Sync printed on it in white. Normally that would be a sticker that you can remove, I understand with it being an esport-focused monitor that Nvidia most likely wants that to stay on there but being white and non-removable is kind of a bummer. Then in the far right corner, there is a small white LED to show you the power status. The stand on the Agon Pro AG254FG has an adjustable height and can be adjusted 130 mm or just over 5 inches to help try to get the height correct. The display itself is 24.5 inches diagonal and has a plastic cover with an anti-glare coating on it. This coating also adds a 3H hardness scratch protection as well. The Agon Pro AG254FG’s 24.5-inch display runs at 1080p or 1920 x 1080 and has an aspect ratio of 16:9. It has WLED backlighting with a brightness of 400 nits and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. It supports HDR with Vesa Certified DisplayHDR 400 and is an IPS panel. They have it rated at a viewing angle of 178 degrees left and right. Of course, being an esports-focused monitor the really important details come down to things like its response time which is 1 ms, and its refresh rate which is an impressive 360 Hz. It also supports G-Sync as well as Reflex Analyzer from Nvidia as well.

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The stand on the Agon Pro AG254FG supports a side-to-side swivel of 30 degrees each way and for tilt, it can tilt down -5 degrees and 21 degrees up. 

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Normally the back of a monitor doesn’t have much going on other than all of the I/O connections but we have already covered those and the Agon Pro AG254FG still has a LOT going on. For starters, it does have two 5 watts speakers but there isn’t any indication on where those are being directed out, there are vents at the top on each side which would be my guess but there is also a long vent facing the back and more down at the bottom near the I/O. On the right side of the Agon Pro AG254FG if you are facing the screen there is a small knob on the back of the monitor (left side in our pictures here) which is the on screen display controls and the power button if you aren’t using the included wired controller. Then the back of the Agon Pro AG254FG has RGB lighting with three C-shaped accents on each side with defused addressable RGB lighting in them that go with the light bar along the bottom edge as well. On the top edge, it also has a light sensor to support an auto-brightness mode that will adjust the backlight brightness depending on the light in your office/room at the time. On the right side, the small black bar next to the RGB lighting is a slide-out hook to hang your headphones off.

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The stand on the Agon Pro AG254FG supports a vertical layout as well as the standard horizontal. Here is a look at it when flipped around.

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I’ve mentioned the projector a few times now, the bottom of the stand has this small RGB light projector that projects the AGON logo down onto your desk. The slider on it lets you flip between their fancy emblem logo or the text logo like on the front of the monitor.

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Beyond the performance features of the AG254FG that make it a pro or esports-focused monitor, AOC did also include a hood for it as well which is especially important when set up on stage with studio lighting that can wash things out on the screens. The box for the hood has the instructions on putting it all together right up on top. But I was most surprised by how protected each component was inside of the box. Each part is in padded bags then sits in its own location in the thick foam which could have been half as thick and still kept everything safe. You also get a bag of hardware as well which are long black pins which you get an extra just in case you lose one.  

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With everything out of the box, this is what the hood looks like. The long panel is the main top panel that runs the width of the AG254FG. Then you have two side panels and it uses a simple hinge design to link everything together which allows it to be folded up in the future without taking the hinges back apart. The outside of the panels is black plastic but then inside they have a soft felt coating. The top panel does have what looks like a handle in the center but this is to still allow room for webcams or camera mounting at the top of the monitor if that is needed. Each of the panels has a small grove that fits perfectly around the monitor so when you sit it on the monitor it holds from the top and the sides to lock the hood in place.  

image 50

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The top and both sides do have Agon branding on them and then I have a few pictures of the AG254FG with the hood installed. Even with my photo lighting being positioned low and somewhat facing towards the front of the monitor you can still see the shadows that the hood creates on the screen to help cut back on any glare and to keep everything dark and visible.

image 53

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