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The box for the Agon Pro AG254FG doesn’t have the same shape as most other monitor boxes, it is noticeably taller. AOC went with color printing on the outside of the box with a black background and a purple design in the background that is like a fog with a woman in a purple dress with a sword and shield walking. This carries over into the Agon Pro AG254FG which is also on the front as well. The AOC logo is by far the largest font and is up in the top left corner along with the Agon Pro logo in the top right corner. Then down on the bottom, they highlight some of the key features like being a G-Sync monitor and the 360 Hz refresh rate and the model number is there but in a small font in the far right corner. The box has this same design on both the front and the back and the packaging doesn’t have anything else of importance on the ends.

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When you open the top of the box up we can see why the box is taller than normal. They have the included hood box sitting up on top of the normal foam packaging. So you need to pull that cardboard box out first, then under that, you have the two pieces of foam formed around the monitor. AOC does include a plastic strap that goes around the foam to make it easier to pull out and also holds everything together until you pull it out of the box which is good because I’ve dropped things multiple times when pulling monitors out of their box.

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The foam has all of the stand components on one side each in their own cutout area along with a foam bag over top of everything. Then there is a black box right in the middle that stands out from everything else. This has the rest of the accessories including the documentation except for the red and yellow paper that comes right on top of the box and gives you instructions on how to open up the packaging. For documentation you get two booklets, the biggest of the two is the important information booklet. This also has information on preventing tipping along with a bunch of legal information. The other book is the quick setup guide which is specific to the Agon Pro AG254FG.

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When we get into the accessories box, the first thing inside you will find is the power supply for the Agon Pro AG254FG. You have what looks like a C5 to C12 power cord to plug into the main power supply which then has a larger than normal DC power connection on the end that looks to be around 7mm wide. The power supply itself supports between 100 and 240 volts and outputs 120 watts at 20 volts and 6 amps. The 20 volts might explain the larger plug size being used. The power supply is larger as well at just over 6 and a half inches wide.  

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Also in the box were two smaller baggies. One has an Allen wrench-shaped Phillips head screwdriver. The other bad has two plastic wire management clips with double-sided sticky tape on the back.

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This round remote is what AOC calls the OSD pad or the on screen display pad. Unlike the cordless OSD pad, they used in the Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27 that I reviewed last year the OSD pad for the Agon Pro AG254FG is corded and comes with a long cord with a mini-USB connection on the end. The OSD Pad is round and has the Agon branding on the front edge and has a black housing. The top has four buttons around the outside edges in grey. Inside of that in black, there is a four-way direction pad and then in the center is the rounded Okay button. The bottom also has rubber feet around the outside edge. The idea behind the OSD Pad is to let you have easier to access controls which you can see where the controls on the Agon Pro AG254FG and most other monitors are on the back of the monitor and if you are like me and have multiple on a stand it can sometimes be impossible to reach the controls. So having this could be nice but with multiple monitors would get to be a mess as well.

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For wiring, the Agon Pro AG254FG comes with three different cables to cover anything you might need. It comes with a DisplayPort cable and an HDMI. Then the cable on the right is a USB cable to hook up the included built-in USB hub.

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