Overall and Final Verdict

So like I said, this wouldn’t be a long review or anything. I set out to find a solution to a problem I have been dealing with. That problem was me damaging and dirtying up my photo area when I end up working on computers on top of it. Alphacool had the perfect solution, a huge table sized soft pad to work on. The fact that it helps with static is really nice but was just a bonus in my eyes. Same with all of the great information they have printed on the top of it. The fan size information, tubing size diagrams, and wiring diagrams will all come in handy in the future. The measuring tape across the bottom will most likely be used the most. The only downside I ran into was the location of one of the two mounts for the included static straps. They are in the top center of the pad and may end up under what you are working on from time to time. I will most likely be carefully removing those two and just using the two mounted over on the right side. Beyond that, the price is a little high, but there aren’t many options available for a work surface like this. Sure you could use a large mouse pad, hell the Eisplateau is made of mouse pad material. But they are only normally wide, not deep. By the time you pick up two, you are at about the same price and that is without the static straps and clips or the printed top. Anyone like me who has to use an important surface for PC work should really consider one. You wouldn’t want to damage your kitchen table and have your spouse or parents come hunting you down.


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