My office space has been evolving for a few years now, going back to when I first upgraded my desk to a solid wood desktop and cleaned everything up with new audio hardware, monitors, and a monitor stand. Recently I also upgraded my photo area and added a proper workbench as well. Both of those are set to a standing height to get me on my feet more during the day. With testing and writing though I still spend far too much time sitting each day and over the past few years of me doing all of this full time it has played a big role in my health. To start working on that, a while back, I reached out to Autonomous about upgrading my desk to a SmartDesk 2 Business Edition. I’ve been living with it for a while now and I want to sit down, or in this case, stand and talk a little about how the whole process has worked so far.

Product Name: Autonomous DIY SmartDesk Kit Business Edition

Review Sample Provided by: Autonomous

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

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Before getting into everything I want to talk a little about the decision to go with this specific model. Autonomous offers a wide variety of desk options. There are two base frame designs, one is the normal model and the second is the business edition that I went with. I went with the upgraded model simply because with a 4 monitor stand on my desk along with speakers and everything else I needed the additional weight capacity. The base model has a motor just in one leg and this one has them in both legs. Beyond that, I decided to stick with my original wood table top. They offer a lot of different to options and they aren’t much more than the base itself but what I have is almost an inch and a half thick and is solid wood, plus it goes better with the rest of the office. They also have different base colors available, I wanted gray to match most of the office but they were out of stock, black ended up being my backup color because it does match the base on my wife's desk.



Frame Option

Home Edition, 29" - 47"

Single Motor System

Business Edition, 24" - 51"

Dual Motor System

Electric Sit-to-Stand



Motor System

Single Motor

Dual Motors

Motor Speed

1 inch / second

2.3 inches / second

Smart Keypad



Height Adjustable Range

29” - 47”

24” - 51”

Frame Extendable Width

42” - 72”

42” - 72”

Max. Capacity

220 lbs

300 lbs


Industrial-grade Steel

Industrial-grade Steel

Color Options

Black, White, Grey

Black, White, Grey


1-year warranty

5-year warranty


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