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The Eisplateau mat is large so it wasn’t a surprise when the box came in and was large as well. The front of the box has a photo of the mat at an angle across it with the name up in the top left corner and the Alphacool logo in the bottom left corner. Around on one of the sides they also have a full layout showing what is printed on the mat as well as the dimensions as well to help anyone who may come across the mat in a retail store.

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Inside things are simple. You get the mat and it comes wrapped up in plastic. Then you get a small bag with an antistatic wrist strap with a cable on it and another cable with an alligator clip.

image 3

The Eisplateau is large enough that it was hard to get everything in one photo. As you can see it also does a good job of covering most of our photo area, leaving room for work. It is 1200mm by 600mm or in Imperial that is just over 47 inches wide by almost 24 inches tall. It has a mat finish just like a standard soft mouse pad and as you can see across the top they have printed a whole bunch of things on it but I will take a look at those individually. I do love the standard and metric measuring tape across the bottom, that should come in handy all of the time.

image 6

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The bright blue fan on the left side of the Eisplateau is sure to catch everyone’s eye. The fan itself has the bolt holes for every fan size up to 180mm. If you are unsure of the fan size you can sit a fan over top and double check it. This one also has the two fan header photos in the corner along with pinouts and color codes.

image 8

Above the fan area in the top left corner is a power supply connector pinout. This has each connector type from two angles and color and pin codes for each. If you have ever sleeved a cable before having this close by is handy or even just to help if you need to pull power for anything in a case mod.

image 9

In the middle up top is a vandal switch wiring guide. They have layouts for both of the popular switch sizes and in normally open and normally closed configurations.

image 10

The tubing size chart is right in the middle. It has the dimensions and photos of both soft and hard tubes. On the hard tube side there aren’t as many diagrams and there seem to be some missing. Even Alphacools own 13mm ID tubes aren’t on here but they do cover the general sizes. The idea though is to be able to sit any tube down here and be able to make sure you have the right size. I know I have a few extra tubes from past builds that I would have to use this on to make sure it is the correct size. The compression fitting listing is also on this same line, they have the ID and OD of each fitting type, if you have a fitting without a box you can sit it here and figure out what size it is.

image 11

image 12

The radiator guide takes up a bunch of room due to their size. Honestly, the fan guide would do the same job for the most part. It's in the details here that I like though, they have the sizing for fan screws, something I always have to look up. The wrong length can puncture your radiator if they are too long or not work at all if they are too short.

image 13

Down along the bottom the Eisplateau has a cool water pump guide. They have each of the water pumps that they sell laid out here with the mounting points all color coded.

image 14

So I will be the first to admit that I don’t practice the best static protection practices. I’ve basically done everything that people say you shouldn’t. I’ve build PCs on the carpet, I’ve had motherboards laying on blankets, I even have put video cards and motherboard on top of the static protective bags. Well with this mat I can attempt to be a little better by using the built in anti-static straps. The straps hook to you and clip to your PC. This prevents static from building up while you shuffle your feet around. Honestly static protection in components is a lot better these days but it is nice to have the option to be safe.

image 15

image 16

The straps clip to these buttons. They are just like a jean snap connection only larger. They attach to the mat with four mounts and there is a pair of the connections up in the top middle and down at the bottom right corner. My only concern with the top middle one is if I lay a PC down that they might be under the computer and scratch things up.

image 4

image 5

So what is the story with the mat itself? Well like I said this is basically just a huge mouse pad. So it has a cloth top then foam rubber padding and a grippy bottom. The padding for me is the most important part. My wood table surface has proven itself to be easy to dent and ding so I’m hoping that working with this mat will both protect what I’m working on as well as the table itself, even if I drop things.

image 17


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