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So when we started out I was shooting the projector onto the plaster wall in my office without a care in the world. Picture quality during the day was completely washed out and at night it showed every dip and bump on the wall and believe me there are a lot. The only thing I had going for me was that it wasn’t too difficult to take down my photo area and set everything up. Surprisingly, the ezCinema Plus from Elite Screens ended up being so easy that it is actually quicker to setup than my non-setup. You see it only takes a minute to set everything up and It covers up my photo background so I don’t have to worry about taking it down. On top of that it is easy to pack up and carry around so I can move it around in the house and also take it to our events. The only downside there is simply the length, it is to long to fit into my car, but if we would have gone with a smaller model that wouldn’t have been an issue.

Picture quality was majorly improved, especially during the day. I can actually use the projector in the office during the day with all of the light shining in. The only downsides that I ran into were the leaning issue when I placed it on an unlevel floor and the slight looseness on the left side of the screen that caused it to have a little waviness. All of that was made up for when you take into account the price. At $336 for the largest model it is actually a great value. It costs more than a cheap hanging screen, but the slight price difference is well worth the portability that you get. What really got me thinking, you can pick up a 1080p projector for around $600, combine that with this screen and you are getting almost four times the television size for the same price as a nice 55 inch. If you decide to go a little smaller you could cut the price down even more with the smaller ezCinema Plus models. They all have the same quick setup and picture at a lower price.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35483 22 Aug 2014 19:25
A nice projector and a screen like the one in this review can give you the full theatre experience at nearly the same price that you spend on your normal TV. Check out my review of the ezCinema Plus

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