There were three things that I wanted to check out what I started in on testing the ezCinema. The first and most obvious is how good is the picture quality, both in the dark and with high ambient light. Second, I wanted to see how easy it is to set the ezCinema Plus up and take it all down. Third, I wanted to see how well it would hold up. After spending weeks with the screen I can finally talk about how well the ezCinema Plus performed in all three aspects.

As I touched on in the previous section, one of the biggest features of the ezCinema Plus is its unique cross spring mechanism. After carrying the screen into our office using the built in handle, I was able to set the screen up about one minute. Flipping the two legs out took only a few seconds and the same for the two latches. The only time consuming thing you do when extending the ezCinema Plus is forcing yourself to take your time lifting the screen up to prevent doing any damage. Frankly setting up our projector took up most of the overall time getting everything up and running. I was able to set the screen to the height that I wanted and go with it. For example, you might set the screen lower in your living room than you would if you set it up at an event.

I did run into an issue with the screen early on in my testing as you can see in the photos below. It was leaning one direction consistently and I was concerned that the extendable arms couldn’t support the screen. After spending a little time with it I figured out that our floor wasn’t completely level in that area. After putting a little cardboard under the feat things leveled out and their wasn’t a problem. I’m not sure how frequently this might be an issue. My initial thought was that it might be a nice upgrade if the feet had small adjusters on them, but frankly after giving it some thought I really doubt that many people will have a lean in their floor like that.

image 26

image 33

With everything setup, running the projector at night is amazing. It was really hard to get a photo that really puts things into perspective on how massive the screen is, but to put things in perspective, a 100 inch screen is four times the size of a 50 inch television. A 50 inch television is still impressive on its own, this is your own theatre. Even at that size the picture looked amazing. I did have a vertical wave in the screen material, but it was only noticeable when watching from an angle (you can see what I mean in the picture of the LanOC website). The wave in the material is to be expected when their aren’t supports on each side of the screen pulling it tight. For testing, I watched movies and TV Shows in my off time, but when working late I would put on a Twitch stream in the background. I did get a couple games in on the screen as well and let me tell you, you haven’t lived until you played an FPS on a 100 inch screen.

image 30

image 31

image 32

With my office having five windows in it I can’t ever expect to be able to cut out very much light during the day, especially in the afternoon when the sun is facing in. So I didn’t have the highest hopes in my daytime testing, when shooting directly onto our wall the result was hardly worth even doing. Surprisingly, I was able to still see what I was projecting clearly. It wasn’t as vibrant as in lower lighting, but it was still a noticeable improvement over using the wall itself.

image 34

As for durability, I was a little worried at first when I had the leaning issue. After fixing that I have no doubts that the ezCinema can hold up to the abuse of being packed up over and over again. I do expect to have to replace the struts that hold everything up in the future but going off of how long those same struts hold up on cars I wouldn’t expect to have to worry about it for a few years. This is in line with the two year warranty that is included as well.


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A nice projector and a screen like the one in this review can give you the full theatre experience at nearly the same price that you spend on your normal TV. Check out my review of the ezCinema Plus

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