Sadly I wasn’t looking when the delivery guy brought the ezCinema Plus up to our house. Given the size, I’m sure it would have been interesting to watch them fight with trying to get it in or out of their truck. To put it into perspective, in the photo below you can see that the box extends past our normal large photo area (where we take pictures of chairs) all the way to block two different doorways. At nearly 8 feet long it is the longest box to ever come in for review. To keep it from being banged around Elite Screens puts corner protectors on each corner of the box and them straps them down with an ungodly number of plastic straps. Even when you take those straps off and remove the corner protectors, there are even more straps waiting for you. I can’t complain though because the box came in without any damage at all and of course no damage to the screen inside.

image 1

So inside the box there are Styrofoam pads around the stand every few feet to keep it from moving around inside of the box. The stand is also wrapped up in a plastic bag to prevent scratches as well.

image 2

Beyond the ezCinema Plus itself, you also get a little bit of documentation and a carrying case as well. I will talk about the carrying case in the next section, but for documentation you get a few papers on projector mounts from Elite Screens. There is a paper about an in wall switch for powered screens as well. Then of course you get a user guide. There isn’t too much to the user guide because the ezCinema Plus is a simple design but Elite Screens was careful to make leave nothing undocumented just in case you can’t figure things out on your own, although I have a feeling most people will be able to figure it out. They also slipped in a paper explaining that you might see a few small lines in your screen as first from it being stored rolled up before your use. They explain how to fix them (basically normal use) and that you shouldn’t worry if you see them.

image 8

image 9

image 10


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A nice projector and a screen like the one in this review can give you the full theatre experience at nearly the same price that you spend on your normal TV. Check out my review of the ezCinema Plus

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