Packaging and Accessories

The H270F Gaming has almost the exact same look as the Strix Z270E, the front has the Strix theming with the colorful Strix logo and a photo of the board all across the front. Then on the back, there is an overall photo of the board with other close-up photos to show off specific details. The back also has a nice specification listing and a photo and list of everything on the back panel to cover everything you need to know before picking a board up.

image 1

image 2

Inside up under the board itself, you do get a few accessories. You get a full printed user guide along with a driver and software disc. They include a Strix stick sheet as well and a smaller sticker sheet with ROG cable labels should you need to label your SATA cables. The board, of course, comes with a rear I/O shield and I love that they used a blacked out panel with just basic labels. It also uses the foam back to keep things tight but they also included a few clips as well, so be careful not to get those in your ports. Then it comes with four all black SATA cables with two of the four having a right angled end. You get an Aura RGB lighting extension cable as well to help hook up more than one RGB lighting strip to the board. Then there is a small bag with M.2 screws and a bag with screws and mounts for use with Asus’s 3d printable designs. All in all, they didn’t really skimp at all on the accessories for the lower price.

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