The Z68Z-UD3H-B3’s cooling is really simple. There are only two heatsinks on the board and they didn’t find it necessary to use any heat pipes or anything else to transfer heat. Both of the heatsinks are machined out of aluminum and then painted in grey flake paint to go with the black PCB. The top heatsink covers up and cools the VRM’s and is held down with spring loaded push pin connectors. This design is a little wobbly, but should keep the 8 phase power cool for the Z68Z-UD3H-B3’s intended use.

Image 11

Down below you see the same grey flake color in the second half of the Z68Z-UD3H-B3’s cooling. This small heatsink keeps the Z68Z-UD3H-B3’s southbridge cool. It’s obvious with the Z68Z-UD3H-B3’s cooling that this is still a budget board. Even though it is packed with a lot of features, overclocking is going to be limited to what you can do without warming the board up too much. That of course is the downside to skimping on your motherboard though.

Image 13

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A great motherboard for both gamers and basic PC's

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