On top of the Touch BIOS that we covered in our BIOS section. Gigabyte includes a while selection of software for you to use with the Z68Z-UD3H-B3 if you are inclined. Here is a list.


Touch BIOS

LAN Optimizer


EasyTune 6

Dynamic Energy Saver™ 2

Smart 6™

Auto Green

eXtreme Hard Drive (X.H.D)

ON/OFF Charge

Cloud OC

Each of the listed utilities is available on the included software disc or on Gigabytes website. Most of the utilities have only one use like ON/OFF Charge. This utility lets you enable the extra power that the red ports on the board are capable of outputting to your mobile devices to charge them faster. Others like Dynamic Energy Saver, Auto Green, and Smart 6 help lower your power usage both when you’re using your PC and when you’re not. Extreme Hard Drive is a user friendly way to setup a RAID for extreme hard drive performance.

Because we have covered all of these utility’s before in the past I would like to focus on Gigabytes EasyTune 6. Before in the BIOS section I was concerned that people may use the Touch BIOS when they don’t understand what they are changing, breaking their PC. This is where EasyTune 6 comes in.

EasyTune 6 is designed to give everyone an easy to select three color system to set a quick overclock. In this case up to a whopping 4.47 Ghz with our 2500K. For those a little more knowledgeable you still have more advanced options, but at that point the BIOS, Touch BIOS, and EasyTune overlap a little too much. Another feature of EasyTune 6 that I find useful is the Smart Fan mapping. You can set the ramp up in speed depending on the temperature of the CPU. This means when you’re doing light loads you can make sure to set your heatsink fans to be silent without having to worry about your PC overheating as you jump into game.


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A great motherboard for both gamers and basic PC's

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