Typically for the BIOS we would pack this section pull of images trying to show you as much as we can of the BIOS. This makes for a sea of blue normally. To try things a little different today we are going to replace those images with one video of the entire BIOS along with Gigabytes Touch BIOS in windows software.

As you can see this is a feature filled BIOS with everything you would expect from a performance board. If you look closely you will also see all of the H67 options relating to the onboard video. Gigabyte made sure that this board is capable of being both an overclocker or enthusiast board or just a simple board for use in a home PC. With the inclusion of their Touch BIOS software it’s easy for those two worlds to overlap slightly. This gives people a chance to change things around as needed without going into the big bad scary BIOS. Of course because Touch BIOS gives you ALL of the same options that the normal BIOS does, you could easily break something if you don’t know what you’re changing.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #20783 07 Nov 2011 21:40
A great motherboard for both gamers and basic PC's

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