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I must say I was initially skeptical when first introduce to the Wi Reader Pro. A pocket sized wireless cloud with comparable functionality to a mid-range in-home wireless router seemed too good to be true. I was made a believer almost immediately, however. Admittedly the device does seem to be more useful to those that find themselves on the road and away from home more often than not but travelers are one of Apotop’s intended markets for this item so I can see why. The battery life is solid and the design of the app is simple and effective.

WiReader 22

The Wi Reader Pro is not without flaws though. Reception can get a bit spotty during transfers the farther away from the unit you get from the unit as you get closer to the 10 meter limit. While streaming and transferring data between devices I also noticed the Pro seemed to run a bit hotter then I’d like to see or want in my pocket. I also found that it was impossible to share data connectivity through the network in any way meaning you will need a hardwire network connecting to share internet connectivity over the Wi Reader's network. 

All in all, Carry Technology delivers great offerings in both the DW09 and DW17 models. The extra battery holds up and the transfer and streaming capabilities are great for a device of this size. The Wi Reader and Wi Reader Pro are perfect for a road trip or any techy on the move. The ability to turn any usb connected storage medium into storage for your wireless devices on the fly is great and the ability to add SD card storage to any iOS device is an awesome addition.


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A look at a pair of wireless cloud devices for when you are on the go on your Android and iOS devices

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