titleCloud storage and wireless networking are pretty much staples in everyone’s day to day lives at this point. Being so used to the constant stream of data can leave you feeling disconnected at times where you don’t have access and even simple data transfers can become a hassle. Carry Technology seek to lessen this burden with their Apotop DW09 Wi-Reader and DW17 Wi-Reader Pro designed for use with Apple and Android/Apple mobile devices respectively. Join me as I take a look at this pair of wireless cloud servers you can fit in your pocket and see if they deliver as promised.

Product Name: Apotop DW09 Wi Reader and DW17 Wi Reader Pro

Review Samples provided by: Carry Technology

Written by: Debo

Pictures by: Debo




DW09 Wi Reader

DW17 Wi Reader Pro


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Wireless Data Rates

Up to 150Mbps

Up to 150Mbps


64/128-Bbit WEP, 802.1x, 802.11i, WPA, WPA2

64/128-Bbit WEP, 802.1x







Operating Range

Indoor/Outdoor; Up to 10m

Indoor/Outdoor; Up to 10m

Devices Supported

iOS 5.0 or above

Android OS 2.3-2.x and 4.0-4.x; iOS 5.0 and above

Battery Life

3 Hours

7 Hours via 3.7V/2600mAh Internal Power Bank

Frequency Band








The first thing you notice about both devices’ packaging is the simple and direct approach taken to introduce us to each of them. We are introduced to the styling of the actual device and a quick rundown of the general functions each possess including the wireless standard, battery life and the data mediums able to be read.

WiReader 11

WiReader 10

Both Wi Reader devices work in tandem with a free app that allows intuitive ease of use. To assist us in downloading this app the packaging provides QR codes for us to scan and be taken directly to the download without any waste of time. On the DW17 these QRs are located on the sides of the packaging while the more Apple-centric DW09 has its App Store QR located directly on the front face.

WiReader 9

Flipping the box over, we are greeted with a more in-depth explanation on each devices features including systems requirements and compatibility, usage and a one year warranty.

WiReader 12

WiReader 8

Opening the box we find that each device is nestled comfortably in a cardboard shell that feels incredibly stout and capable of keeping the product safe. Within the internal packaging for both the DW09 and DW17 are USB charging cables for the internal battery as well as a quick user’s guide. It is only after unboxing that you really start to gain an appreciation for the compact size of both devices.

WiReader 16

WiReader 15

Overview and Features

Let me start by first covering the features present in both the DW09 and DW17 models and then wrapping up by describing those features present solely in the DW17 Wi Reader Pro.

First, the Wi Reader’s initial function is to act as a wireless reader device capable of accepting USB Flash drives as well as SD cards (miniSD and microSD as well with an adapter) and sharing that device among up to three other devices. This not only allows for easy sharing between devices but allows the ability to backup and transfer information to any extra USB drives or SD cards you may have laying around.

WiReader 21

The next functionality of the Wi Reader is its ability to function as a mini wireless router for your connected devices even when a network might not be available such as in hotel travel situations. This is accomplished by an RJ45 port located on the side of the device next to the charging port. Operating on 802.11 b/g/n standards and intended to deliver 150Mbps speeds means this little device that can fit in your pocket is capable of rivaling most mid-level in-home wireless routers.

WiReader 18

On top of those great features, the Wi Reader Pro expands even farther by including an internal 3.7V/2600mAh powerbank. This increases the devices size slightly when compared to the DW09 but increases potential battery life by nearly 4 hours and even allows you to use it as an external battery for your device if you find yourself in a pinch.


An app is required to utilize the functionality of the Wi Reader and Wi Reader Pro. This app is completely free and available for download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Marketplace. As previously stated, QR codes are included on the packaging for quick, hassle free downloading but a search for Wi Reader on either store will yield the same results as well.

As I do not own any Apple devices I cannot personally offer any opinions on the iOS application but I have been assured that the Andriod and iOS versions operate exactly the same from a user experience point of view. Tthere are a pair of other apps from Carry Technology available on the Google Play store. The Wi-Copy and Wi-Backup are apps intended for use with other Apotop products that you need not concern yourself with at this time. That being said, the Wi Reader app has all the functionality you could ever hope for despite being simply designed.

WiReader 1

The first section of the app you should concern yourself with are the Settings. From this screen you can learn more about the device, send feedback to the creators as well as check the amount of storage space you have available on your various USB drives and SD cards attached to the Wi Reader. The most important part of this section, however, is the Device Setting button. This will allow you to set your encryption password, keeping your mobile network and all the data and devices connected to it safe.

WiReader 4

The main window of the app allows you to browse the files contained on your connect USB drive or SD card in either a sorted manner or a more traditional folder view like you would find on a laptop/desktop computer. The Collections section allows you to transfer files from the reader mediums to your device or from your device to the attached USB drive. The Status section serves to show you the speed and progress of your transfers any time you wish.

WiReader 2


As I do not own any Apple devices I cannot personally offer an opinion on the functionality of the DW09 Wi Reader but I have been assured it is comparable to the DW17 version that works with both Android and iOS devices. That being said, my initial testing of the DW17 was simple and to the point to more or less cover every facet of what the Wi Reader Pro promises. I assembled four files that I thought would probably find their way into a shared environment quite frequently, an 800KB JPG file, an 8.5MB MP3 file, a 65MB PDF file and a 1.5GB MP4 movie file.

WiReader 5

As a control I copied the four files from my PC to a USB 2.0 drive and back. The whole transfer took about 3 to 4 minutes either way so I had an established base to look at. I didn’t expect comparable speeds but in practice the picture, document and song files all took less than a minute each to transfer either way. The movie, of course, took the longest at about 8 to 9 minutes one way but that is by no means slow considering the wireless cloud nature of the device.

WiReader 6

I did manage to find something interesting when trying to see exactly what all the DW17 was capable of. With two movies loaded onto a USB drive, the Wi Reader was able to stream separate movies to two different devices with minimal buffer times. Music was a similar experience with no buffering issues interrupting the song in its entirety. This means that to view or listen to media through your mobile device you don’t have to put up with download times and making room for large files. Simply load your media onto a flash drive and you are good to go from anywhere making the DW17 a perfect gadget for traveling.

The powerbank present in the Wi Reaper Pro doesn’t upset either. After a full day of leaving my Droid 4 plugged into the Wi Reader instead of my PC, the battery still hadn’t moved and the Reader still had enough juice left in it to go through the tests I ran.

Overall and Final Verdict

I must say I was initially skeptical when first introduce to the Wi Reader Pro. A pocket sized wireless cloud with comparable functionality to a mid-range in-home wireless router seemed too good to be true. I was made a believer almost immediately, however. Admittedly the device does seem to be more useful to those that find themselves on the road and away from home more often than not but travelers are one of Apotop’s intended markets for this item so I can see why. The battery life is solid and the design of the app is simple and effective.

WiReader 22

The Wi Reader Pro is not without flaws though. Reception can get a bit spotty during transfers the farther away from the unit you get from the unit as you get closer to the 10 meter limit. While streaming and transferring data between devices I also noticed the Pro seemed to run a bit hotter then I’d like to see or want in my pocket. I also found that it was impossible to share data connectivity through the network in any way meaning you will need a hardwire network connecting to share internet connectivity over the Wi Reader's network. 

All in all, Carry Technology delivers great offerings in both the DW09 and DW17 models. The extra battery holds up and the transfer and streaming capabilities are great for a device of this size. The Wi Reader and Wi Reader Pro are perfect for a road trip or any techy on the move. The ability to turn any usb connected storage medium into storage for your wireless devices on the fly is great and the ability to add SD card storage to any iOS device is an awesome addition.


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