An app is required to utilize the functionality of the Wi Reader and Wi Reader Pro. This app is completely free and available for download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Marketplace. As previously stated, QR codes are included on the packaging for quick, hassle free downloading but a search for Wi Reader on either store will yield the same results as well.

As I do not own any Apple devices I cannot personally offer any opinions on the iOS application but I have been assured that the Andriod and iOS versions operate exactly the same from a user experience point of view. Tthere are a pair of other apps from Carry Technology available on the Google Play store. The Wi-Copy and Wi-Backup are apps intended for use with other Apotop products that you need not concern yourself with at this time. That being said, the Wi Reader app has all the functionality you could ever hope for despite being simply designed.

WiReader 1

The first section of the app you should concern yourself with are the Settings. From this screen you can learn more about the device, send feedback to the creators as well as check the amount of storage space you have available on your various USB drives and SD cards attached to the Wi Reader. The most important part of this section, however, is the Device Setting button. This will allow you to set your encryption password, keeping your mobile network and all the data and devices connected to it safe.

WiReader 4

The main window of the app allows you to browse the files contained on your connect USB drive or SD card in either a sorted manner or a more traditional folder view like you would find on a laptop/desktop computer. The Collections section allows you to transfer files from the reader mediums to your device or from your device to the attached USB drive. The Status section serves to show you the speed and progress of your transfers any time you wish.

WiReader 2

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A look at a pair of wireless cloud devices for when you are on the go on your Android and iOS devices

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