While I will not slam my phone around to tell you what type of protection it offers, I can certainly speculate. The case will definitely offer protection from scratches and scrapes. It will also absorb a small amount of shock if dropped, but I don’t think it will protect the phone against a particularly hard fall. It does give a sense of security though, knowing the case is on the phone puts me a bit more at ease when carrying it around. I don’t worry constantly that every bump or scrape is going to damage my phone.

The phone popped into the case with ease and sat inside snugly. It didn’t wiggle around or rattle even after removing it and replacing it quite a few times. Speaking of removing the phone, it proved to be somewhat annoying. The best I was able to do was to press the top of the phone and case down against something, and take my thumb or index fixer and try to life it out from the bottom using the groove made for the micro USB charging cable. You could also press through the back in the slot made for the camera, but I would be afraid of getting fingerprints on the lens, or possibly even damaging it.

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The material of the case is as I said before a soft rubber texture and I thought it would help with the grip. In reality the phone held no better with the case then it did without one. On glass, both the base phone and the case had a good grip. On metal both were very slick and had almost no grip at all. On both wood and plastic the phone and case did all right, but were still slippery enough that I would be worried if there was an incline to either.

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