titleI finally got with the times and bought a smart phone, being that I wanted to go with straight talk; the Google Nexus 4 seemed like the logical choice. The next decision I needed to make was what case I wanted. I took a look at the recent reviews Wes had written for different Poetic to see if they might have a case I would want. I expressed interest in their cases to Wes and he said he had another one lying around the office that needed to be looked at. So let’s take a look at the next case in the Poetic lineup, the Palette.

Product Name: Poetic Palette Nexus 4

Review Sample Provided by: Poetic

Written By: Brennon

Pictures By: Brennon



The packaging for the Palette is what we have come to expect with Poetic products. The front of the package is a simple white with a glossy pattern all over. There is a window displaying a five cent version of the Nexus 4, not one from those auction sites you hear about at four in the morning, but a simple cardboard replica. We can’t really see much of the actual product other than a glimpse of the edges. On the front of the packaging we can see the product name and what phone it is made for as well as the poetic name and logo. Along the side we can see a few of the product features along with small graphics.

Poetic Palette_31

Poetic Palette_33

On the rear we can find the product name, brand name, and the product it is made for listed again. We can also see a short list of product features in a few different languages. Also on the back we can see the definition of the brand name again, which is a nice touch because a lot of times we will buy a product from a company and have no idea how or why they chose their name. This shows that Poetic cares enough about their brand to inform the end consumer about the name and what the brand stands for.

Poetic Palette_1

Poetic Palette_3

Poetic Palette_4

Poetic Palette_13

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