titleWhen it comes to protecting our phones there are plenty of options. There are tons of different cases from tons of different manufacturers.  Cases ranging from extreme protection to very minimal, with a range of different bells and whistles to a case that is plain Jane.  This time around we are going to look at the Surface from Seidio. The Surface is a simple case with a metal kickstand on the back for angled viewing. Join me as I compare it to the Palette from Poetic as well as look at the new and different features it has.

Product Name: Seidio Surface

Product Review Sample Provided By: Seidio

Written By: Brennon

Pictures By: Brennon


It is important to note that for this product we didn’t actually get to unbox the product ourselves. At CES Seidio literally handed us the clothes off their back so to speak. After a brief discussion about the case, the Seidio rep grabbed this phone case out of its display on the floor and handed it to us. A quick glance told us that this was the only Surface for Nexus 4 that they had at CES, and they put it our hands for review. Thanks Seidio!

photo 1 photo 2

The packaging for the Surface for Nexus 4 is very simple and elegant. It reminds me of the type of thing that you might see in the beauty section of your local store. It has a picture of an attractive woman on the front of the packaging as well as the phone that the Surface is designed to be used on. What the pretty woman has to do with anything, I don’t think anyone will ever know, but more confusing is that she is looking at. Is she looking at the top of the case? Is she looking above the case? What is she looking at? I MUST KNOW!

The case is displayed front and center through the clear plastic window in the packaging. It looks as if the case was the only thing inside of the package and was overall packaged very plainly.

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