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The first thing that I noticed when I removed the Palette from its packaging is that it isn’t your typical full case. The Palette just snaps onto the side of the Nexus 4 and doesn’t wrap around at all. The phone sort of just clicks into place when applying the case. The neat part about this design is that the headphone and the micro USB port are not built into the case, but merely cut out of the design. This allows you to remove and replace the case while the phone is charging or while listening to music. There are also holes in the back for both the camera and the on the rear of the phone.

Poetic Palette_10

Poetic Palette_17

Poetic Palette_15

Poetic Palette_6

The case is made of plastic, but it has a rubber like coating. The coating gives the case a soft feel andit should help with the amount of grip the phone has.

Poetic Palette_12

The settings for the power and volume buttons are not grooved out like the micro USB and headphone jack. Instead they are encased, with part of the case on all sides of the button. I would have liked for the design to be uniform, but I imagine there is some reason that these buttons are surrounded and the jacks are not.

Poetic Palette_14

Poetic Palette_27

Poetic Palette_8

One last thing that I find interesting is that at each corner of the case there is a groove cut out. I would think that is helps the case snap on and off with more ease.

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