The Poseidon X Forged comes in a standard sized keyboard box. The packaging is black but the front of the box does have an interesting texture in the background. The front also has a large photo of the keyboard across it as well as the Poseidon branding. Down in the bottom right corner they use a large sticker to distinguish which keyswitch the keyboard has, in this case our sample uses what they call a Tt Blue Switch. Below that they have highlighted a few of the key features, the aluminum faceplate, backlighting, the long life of a mechanical keyswitch, and something called ISS (Instant Shift System). Around on the back of the packaging we have another photo of the keyboard, this time each of the keyboards features are highlighted with a red circle around them and a line leading to a short bit about the feature. They also list the features and system requirements in a few languages

image 1

image 2

When I opened the box up I was surprised to find that Thermaltake covered everything up with a piece of cardboard with the Poseidon Z Forged branding on it. I think the idea here was to show that this isn’t just any keyboard for them. Under that the keyboard is wrapped in plastic and it sits with a cardboard tent above it to keep it from moving around and also to house the detachable USB cable and the wrist rest.

image 3

image 4
For documentation you get a small paper with warranty information as well as a slightly larger paper that is a quick installation guide. The keyboard doesn’t come with its software, they ask that you download that directly from the website.

image 7


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36680 29 May 2015 21:29
Before we get to the weekend we have our week ending review. Today I check out the Poseidon Z Forged from Thermaltake. With a partial metal case they have gone a different direction from what they normally do with their Poseidon keyboards. Check it out and find out what it is all about! Have a great weekend everyone!

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