When it came to testing the Poseidon Z Forged I used it for a few weeks on my main PC. This means I spent time gaming with it and also spent (a lot) of time writing and using it for everyday usage. In that time I didn’t really run into any specific issues although adjusting to it did take a little time from my standard keyboard. Specifically I accidentally bumped the macro keys over on the right a lot. There are a lot of times I need to hit enter and normally I just go for the bottom right key on my full sized keyboards but in this case there are keys to the right of the number pad. While I like that Thermaltake was doing something different here, I personally didn’t put the extra macro keys to use. Then again I almost never need any macro keys at all.

The Kailh didn’t have any specific issues and didn’t feel as loose as some of the Kailh switches I have tested in the past. Our specific sample used a blue switch so I think I drove my wife nearly crazy with the additional noise, she is used to me using browns or clears and the blues are noticeably louder. Thee non-standard key layout wasn’t an issue because it was just the bottom row, they didn’t move anything around that gets used often. The blue backlighting was extremely bright and you have the option to be able to turn that down using the function key and the direction pad. Even turning it down a notch it was more than bright enough for me.

The metal casing that gives the keyboard the Forged name was solid in testing. A few times it was a little cold to touch at first when I first sat down but when you use the wrist rest you hardly have any contact with it, it is more of a styling feature.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36680 29 May 2015 21:29
Before we get to the weekend we have our week ending review. Today I check out the Poseidon Z Forged from Thermaltake. With a partial metal case they have gone a different direction from what they normally do with their Poseidon keyboards. Check it out and find out what it is all about! Have a great weekend everyone!

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