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After all of my testing, I came out a little torn. In some ways, I was a little disappointed. Although the Level 10 Mouse may work for some people, the combination of button placement and me lifting my mouse, I consistently had issues with pushing the side buttons. I loved the floating design as well, but wasn’t a fan of the wiggle room that that design gave the mouse. It’s a shame because I loved the way the sensor/mouse performed otherwise and I found the design to be very comfortable if I could find a proper place to put my thumb and pinky/ring fingers.

image 17

Of course there is the other aspect to look at. This mouse literally looks like a work of art. Because it is so different from what we would normally see, I could see this hanging in an art display without a problem. I think that is where the problem comes from really. BMW Designworks and Thermaltake put together a mouse that looks amazing, but from the look of things. Changes after the initial design concept added the DPI/profile toggle and took away “thumb” room. Without a doubt though, if you want to get something completely different from everything else on the market, this is the mouse to go with.




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A look at Thermaltake's latest high end mouse, its more than just a work of art!

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