We went right to the Thermaltake website to make sure we had the most up to date version of the software when starting but noticed we are still running on version 1.00. Our first look and impression from the Level 10 M’s software was interesting. The software is much like what we have seen from the competition, but I will be completely honest, I was expecting something a little more. The Level 10 M has such a unique design, I was expecting something similar from the software, in fact the software didn’t really match the feel of the mouse to me.

software 1

software 2

The software does offer 5 programmable profiles with each giving you the option to remap the buttons with macros, program launching functionality, along with the standard key/mouse button mapping. On top of that you can program the lighting for each profile to use any of 7 different colors. Although I normally don’t see the need to have a million color options, I was surprised that Thermaltake didn’t open up the options more than those 7 colors considering the lighting obviously supports full color spectrum.

software 3

software 4

You can also program the DPI speeds for all four DPI adjustment levels per profile. That same page also gives you options for adjusting your double click speed, OS level curser speed and scroll speed adjustments, and even a setting for lift off distance. You have four polling rate options but the default is 1000Hz.

software 5

Lastly, there is also battle mode. I was a little confused about this at first, but after playing with it I figured it out. When you put the Level 10 Mouse into battle mode in the software, every time you click it makes the lighting progress through its breathing slightly. This means if you don’t click much the lighting will stay off or on, wherever it’s currently at. This could have been a little more exciting, but it is an interesting feature that we don’t see on any other mice.

software 6

software 7


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A look at Thermaltake's latest high end mouse, its more than just a work of art!

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