The Level 10 M comes in white, Black, and Green currently with a red model coming soon, the model we asked for was green, simply because it’s a color we haven’t seen before. It was obvious as soon as we saw the packaging that we did get the green model that we asked for, the box itself was the color of the mouse, normally you would see the same box being used for all colors. The front has a picture of the Level 10 M in green, along with that there are 6 icons that represent key features of the mouse. Below that is a little comment about the mouse being designed in Germany, which caught me a little off guard considering they worked with BMW designworks USA. Around back the same six icons are featured, but this time each has a photo of the area of the mouse that it is referencing. There is a short section on the mission of the Level 10 Mouse and that’s it.

image 2

image 3

When you pull off the outside sleeve, you are left with a box that is split up the middle with the quote “Born to be Seen” on the front. The two doors open up to the mouse being features in the middle. Although I love what they did, I think they could have dropped the outside sleeve all together and covered the mouse in a formed piece of plastic and let people who might see this on a shelf see the mouse itself.

image 4

image 5

Inside the box you have the mouse, a carrying bag, an adjustment tool, and a packet with the software and documentation. In that same packet I was also surprised to find three actual post cards with the three current color offerings, now I just need to find someone to ship them out too.. Also do they still make stamps?

image 6

image 7

image 8

'image 9

image 10


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A look at Thermaltake's latest high end mouse, its more than just a work of art!

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