Diablo III Qck Surface
I feel like the Diablo-themed Qck pads began to surface alongside Blizzard announcing the different classes. Soon, we had a lineup that featured one of each class, along with a logo option. The class-specific surfaces are available in the medium size (10.8” by 12.6”) flavor and feature official artwork of a preselected gender. The Logo edition is available in both a medium and a small (8.3” by 9.8”) edition. Like the Qck editions before it, these surfaces feature highly compacted threading to create a smooth fabric glide and a rubber base to prevent shifting.

Though our particular sample was the Witch Doctor, SteelSeries offers female Wizard, male With Doctor, male Barbarian, female Demon Hunter, male Monk, and the mentioned Logo.

image 20


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A look at SteelSeries's D3 Peripherals

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