The Diablo III peripheral bundle from SteelSeries pays a great homage to the series, a service that some fans of the franchise may feel was unfulfilled by the actual game. There is hope yet that we may be surprised by what Blizzard has in store for the future of Diablo III, and just as we don’t give up when were thrown into Fast, Vertex, Mortar Horde mob on Inferno mode, die-hard fans will continue to preserver. And these peripherals will be there by your side.

Either way, SteelSeries has introduced unique products that stand out from their normal special editions, especially with the D3 headset. The Diablo III headset is based on the Siberia V2, but they changed enough to justify dropping the Siberia V2 name. The Diablo III mouse is just as unique actually. It was introduced before the Sensei and is based on the Xia, but the similarities between it and the new Sensei RAW are also easy to see and we loved it as well. 

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A look at SteelSeries's D3 Peripherals

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