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We have had almost countless Siberia V2 headsets in the office in the past. We have always loved them due to their audio quality and comfort. To the point that any time we have needed a headset they are always are go to headset. When I opened up the Diablo 3 headset, I was expecting more of the same but with lighting. I was surprised right away to see how much they changed on this headset. Unlike other themed Siberia V2’s, this one didn’t leave anything untouched. They went as far to redo the molds for the side pieces to give them a proper Diablo look. The layout itself is the same as before, you have a pull out microphone with a floating support strap up top with open air ear cups and memory foam padding for comfort. From there though, each detail is changed slightly. The floating top support strap for example has the Diablo 3 logo on it. I also love that they went with the braided cable design in black and red. Even the microphone/volume control box is slightly larger than before.

image 8

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But with all of these changes, did they change the performance of the headset? Well other than building the USB sound card into the cord, none of the performance aspects changed. The new found lighting is very interesting and controllable from the SteelSeries Engine, but it still doesn’t affect performance.

image 11

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When I first put the headset on, I was a little concerned with its comfort. Unlike any of our other Siberia V2’s this one was a little uncomfortable at first. After I compressed the ear cups a few times that discomfort went away and we went back to the amazing comfort that we have always loved about the Siberia’s. As for audio performance, I put them through my standard audio test including in game performance, movie performance, and a variety of songs as well. Much like our previous tests the headset sounded great. It was a little heavy on Bass with some songs, but most people prefer a little extra Bass.

image 12

Overall, I was very happy with the Diablo 3 Siberia V2 headset. They managed to really do something that stands out from their other special edition Siberia V2’s. The red lighting that can flash to your audio, pulse, or stay on is cool and makes the headset easy to spot. You are going to want to be a Diablo 3 fan though, unlike other special editions where the color was the main feature, the changes to this headset scream D3.

headset software_1

headset software_2


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