Collectively at LanOC we spent a lot of time with the original Sentinel, my wife used it up until recently and Adam also has one that he still uses every day as well. All of our opinions about the original Sentinel very wildly, but there are a few things that stand out for everyone. The issues with the Twin Eye sensor and the durability of the Sentinel itself being the issues we all experienced. Because of that my focus first was that these two issues were fixed. On the sensor front, the Avago sensor is worlds better than the Phillips sensor in the old version. The weird quirks of the twin eye are gone as well as its z axis tracking issues. The Sentinel Advance II tracks perfectly in and out of game. As for durability, there were a couple issues that we have seen. First the rubber finish on the old mouse would sometimes come off; dropping that finish all together corrected that issue. The other issue we had was with the scroll wheel, even though the new mouse scrolls perfectly, I have no way of confirming if this is fixed until we put the mouse to extended testing. After this review my wife will be using the mouse for some time, if anything can break she will manage to break it.

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Beyond the sensor and durability, what are my thoughts on the Sentinel Advance II? On a personal note I still find the mouse shape to be a little long and weird to hold. Both Adam and my wife love this shape though, so it’s not all bad. The button ahead of the scroll wheel is impossible to reach due to the length of the mouse and for some the front side button is also out of reach. Other features like the built in weight system will help you tune the mouse to feel perfect for you.

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On a side note, the mouse pad that Cooler Master shipped with the Sentinel Advance II was also nice. I replaced one of my LanOC mouse pads with it for a few days to give it a try, although I prefer hard mouse pads I found it to be just the right size and with just enough padding, without being extremely thick like we sometimes see.

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Our latest review, a look at the new Storm Sentinel II

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