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Had I not spoken with Cooler Master in depth about sensors before, I would have been a lot more skeptical about the Sentinel Advance II when it was introduced. My original experience with the first version was questionable at best after living with it far beyond our original review. Because of that I was really hoping that Cooler Master turned things around with their revamped version. Changing out the sensor played an important role in this. But without changes to its durability none of it would matter. Judging from the few changes they made like the finish of the mouse itself, it looks like they are trying to fix the issues that people ran into before. Of course for me, as much as I love the sensor I can never get used to the shape. My wife on the other had is very excited to get her hands on it. With the built in DPI readout and all of its other features I know she is going to really enjoy her time with it. If you are looking to pick the Sentinel Advance II up, my advice is to first get one in your hands to make sure you will like its shape. If it fits you, it will be a great mouse to game with at a price that is much lower than the Sentinel who has a similar LED readout.


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Our latest review, a look at the new Storm Sentinel II

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