In order to really take advantage of the features most gaming mice offer you have to use their software. The Storm Sentinel Advance II isn’t any different. The mouse didn’t come with any software in the packaging; this is to make sure you download the most up to date version. For some people this is frustrating, they want it to work out of the box. But for me this is never an issue, because I always end up downloading the latest version anyhow. After getting it all installed I fired up the Sentinel Advance II’s software and was greeted to software just like what Cooler Master has used before.

On the main control page you have a large photo of the Sentinel Advance II in the middle with DPI controls on the right, button assignments on the left, and the ability to flip between its five profiles.

software 5

The color control tab up top does just that. You have the ability to change the color of the Sentinel Advance II’s colors in two sections. On top of that you can change how the lighting acts with always on, breathing, on mouse click, and just turning it off. This is also where you can upload a logo to the top OLED screen. This process is a little more difficult to do compared to other mice with similar functionality. It would be nice if they had a few guidelines as to what dimensions and file size it requires to make this easier.

software 6

The storm TX tab stands for Storm Tactics, their term for advanced key combinations. This is basically like holding a shift button, giving you even more button

software 1

The macro tab lets you record and save macros as well as load, edit and copy them. Once you create a macro you can put it to use back on the button assignment section on the main tab.  The script tab is the same as well,

software 2

software 3

software 4

Overall the software has everything you need and some, the layout and design fits the mouse and is easy to find your way around. My only complaint came from where you upload a custom image to the built in OLED. A small update to the software could make that much easier to deal with.

You are even able to do the rapid fire that past Cooler Master mice can do. Here are two video examples we have made in the past.


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Our latest review, a look at the new Storm Sentinel II

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