Being an MMO, multiplayer is the heart of the game in Defiance. From the drop you can see you aren’t alone and are free to chat it up with anyone and everyone in your area. Quests, even the main story variety, are delivered in an open world way where others that may just be in the area can take down objectives and get some experience for their efforts while you complete them. Be warned though, the more people in an area increases the difficulty of the spawning mobs and getting overrun is a distinct possibility.

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Quests aren’t the only things that appear randomly throughout the Bay Area in your travels. Large dynamic zone events known as ArkFalls randomly occur from time to time drawing all nearby people together to defeat invasions and massive bosses. Rewards, experience and money are given at the end based on how much you participate in the event.

Defiance 15

If the open world isn’t your style, there are also co-op dungeons to be had. With a single key press you can join matchmaking for dungeons in your EGO range and complete them with three other people. These dungeons are a departure from the MMO standard in that they are fast paced, action packed and once the final boss is downed, everyone gets rewarded. The game also boasts support for larger groups and even raids though I personally can’t say I have participated in any being new to the game as a whole.

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Defiance has you covered if you don’t like playing nice either. 6v6 and 8v8 competitive multiplayer is available at any time in much the same way as co-op dungeons are. As you level you unlock access to more loadouts that allow you to switch your perks and weapons on the fly or between spawn ins on competitive maps.

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