As I said earlier there isn’t much in the way of wacky controls. Left and right click shoot and aim respectively, the space bar jumps and you move with WSAD. For most people the default control scheme will be more than adequate and easy to adjust to but if default isn’t your thing the entire key mapping is able to be edited to fit your style.

Defiance 11

Being a fresh release, the UI does take some getting used to. I had to search for a way to even log out of the game the first time and the party UI still seems a little awkward right now. The main screens though are full of all the information you would ever want and logs of previous missions and even in game videos on enemies are at your disposal whenever your desire.

Defiance 40

Seeing as how the game is an Xbox360 release as well, if you would like to use a Microsoft gamepad, full support is available with all key mapping fully customizable to your liking there also. 

Defiance 12

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For my debut review I take a look at Trion's new MMOTPS.

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