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I will start off by saying I enjoyed Defiance very much. The seemingly infinite amount of random loot and fast paced bullet slinging action had me hooked from the jump (the rocket-powered ATV that acts as your mount helped with that) and the near endless customization kept me playing well into the night. Picking up a dungeon group and simply laying into mobs for 15 minutes or running across a zone to join in on an ArkFall is addicting in that way all MMO players love. The community at release is vibrant and enjoyable and there is always another side quest marker appearing on your map. Defiance, as it is, is a very solid offering.

Defiance 8

Defiance 13

The flaws are there, sure but they exist mostly within the UI and can be patched or learned with time. The game runs well, sounds great and controls intuitively. With a one-time purchase fee and no further financial obligations beyond what you may want to spend on cosmetic things in the in-game store, Defiance is well worth the price. Trion Worlds has delivered a solid MMO experience and hopefully I’ll see you in and around the Bay Area soon.

Defiance fvrecomended

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Author: William
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