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AMD's refreshed CPU offerings are an interesting mix of great options and “a little too late”. The Ryzen 5700X for example is a great way to get 8 core Zen 3 performance without having to spend the 5800X prices. For performance, like with all of the Zen 3 CPUs the gaming performance is a huge jump over past Ryzen CPUs, and in a lot of situations where core count is important the 5700X outperformed the always great 5600X even though it has better clock speeds. Both the 5700X and the 5600 benefits from the well established AM4 platform which means almost countless new and used motherboard options and cooling support isn’t going to be a question like with Intel’s new CPUs. Both the 5600 and the 5700X also did well for temperatures as well.

The 5700X’s biggest problem is that while its performance is really good, the 12600K is out now and selling for the same price and sometimes a little less and it performed even better almost across the board with its mix of 6 performance cores and 4 e cores. The 5700X would have been amazing last year but now its biggest benefit is that people with past Ryzen setups may be able to upgrade to it. The Ryzen 5 5600 also finds itself in an awkward situation where it is a great performing CPU. But for just a little more you can get the higher clocked 5600X or if you REALLY need a budget 6 core CPU the Ryzen 5500 can get you that at a lower price.

Speaking of pricing, the 5600 has an MSRP of $199 and the 5700X comes in at $299. The 5600X which for gaming is still the better option falls in between selling for $239 or as low as $218 at B&H right now. Overall I do think the 5600 and the 5700X both have their place in the mid-range CPU market, especially if you are already invested with a 370X/B350 or later AM4 chipset where both of these could be a great upgrade to a Zen 2 CPU.


Live Pricing: HERE


Live Pricing: HERE



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