Power Usage and Temperatures

For power usage, I tested both CPUs for the overall power usage of our test system. I did this at idle and again while running wPrime for one load test then a third time using AIDA64’s Stress Test with the FPU workload for a third test. The system with the 5700X pulled 154 watts with wPrime and 79.3 at idle but with AIDA64 that dropped down slightly to 151 watts. This was right with the 5600X which was also at 151 watts with AIDA64 and the 3600 was right there as well. With wPrime, the 5600 and the 5600X came in a few watts lower than the 5700X but overall all three are in the same range which given the same target TDP it isn’t too big of a surprise.



Last up for a look at thermals I ran the AIDA64 Stress Test with the FPU workload and kept an eye on CPU temps until they leveled off. The 5700X leveled off at a surprisingly good 65 watts with the 240mm AIO cooler. The 5600X was two degrees higher and the 5600 with its lower clock speed was down at 64 degrees.



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