Cooling and Power

I couldn’t do our testing without also checking out the cooling and power testing, especially with this being one of AMDs lower wattage CPUs with the E at the end and its 95 watt TDP. So how did that help its power usage? Well our test bench pulled a total of 118 watts with the CPU under load using wPrime and 83 watts at idle. This is still higher than what Intels latest CPUs are doing but a noticeable improvement over the other FX based AMD CPUs, nearly on par with the A10-6700. As for temperature performance though the FX-8320E it ran cooler than anything else tested at 41 degrees.  



image 19


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36131 07 Jan 2015 22:48
Today I take a look at a budget CPU from AMD along with a budget gaming board from MSI. The goal of pairing these two together is to see if you can keep costs down while still getting good in game performance. In other words, is this the ideal setup for a budget gaming rig? Check it out and find out

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