CPU Performance

As usual I ran the FX-8320E through our standard CPU benchmark suite to see how it performs in various situations. To start off I ran through benchmarks using Cinebench, X264 HD, and wPrime. These all test specific applications like calculating square roots in wPrime, rendering a photorealistic 3D scene in Cinebench, and encoding in X264 HD. In wPrime the results put the FX-8320E nearly on par with the i5-2500k and behind a few of AMDs most modern APUs. X264 HD was similar but with results close to the FX-8370E. Cinebench is always the most interesting benchmark to me because not only do we get to compare total CPU performance but it also does a single core benchmark that helps show how efficient each CPU is when being used by a program that doesn’t use all of your cores. Like the previous tests the FX-8320E came in just behind the FX-8370E in both tests. On the single core testing the older architecture is still showing but the difference between the 8320E and the CPU below it was substantial.




The next two benchmarks are general benchmarks that test multiple situations and average out scores. For PCMark 8 I ran the FX-8320E through using the conventional test as well as the OpenCL benchmark as well to see how well it handles both. PCMark 8 being as realistic as it can be uses a few tests that don’t have good multithreading, this can be especially seen with the results of the 8 core 5960X. That said the FX-8320E came in just below the FX-8370E as expected in both conventional and OpenCL benchmarks. The same goes for the Passmark results as well. 



Last but far from least I also went through our gaming focused testing. This includes four in game tests as well as 3DMark. In 3DMark the results are about the same as what we saw from the FX-8370E. In the in game testing things are a lot more even though, proving once again that when it comes to gaming the CPU isn’t as important as your video card. I think this is where the FX-8329E really shines, the performance in most of the testing is okay at best but when it comes to gaming you get as much as you need and you can save money towards your video card.







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Today I take a look at a budget CPU from AMD along with a budget gaming board from MSI. The goal of pairing these two together is to see if you can keep costs down while still getting good in game performance. In other words, is this the ideal setup for a budget gaming rig? Check it out and find out

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