We will be installing the Evercool Venti to our test bench using the included installation guide. Our test bench uses an Intel LGA1155 CPU but due note the other sockets and processors the Venti has support for.

Venti 10

The first step is attaching the Intel brackets to the CPU block. This is as simple as lining up the included screw with the holes on the wings of the block and tightening them down. Each side has a pair of screws and the whole ordeal is incredibly simple as both the Intel and AMD mounting bracket piece are designed in a way that they cannot be attached upside down or in reverse.

Venti 11

Venti 12

Venti 13

With that done we move on to securing the backplate, which is quite the adventure after our past few reviews. The Venti’s backplate installation borders on a three hand job as the whole setup requires thirteen parts and lacks the help of any adhesives. First, you must orientate the backplate onto the rear of the motherboard and then thread one of the screws through the correct hole. When this is complete, you need to thread a plastic spacer over the screw and screw down a metal spacing screw to secure the whole thing together. Upon doing this four times the backplate is secured in place and ready to go. I found that taking each screw one at a time and holding the backplate and screw in one hand while tightening down the spacer screw with the other was the best method. Installing the backplate is a job I would likely suggest performing before installing the motherboard into your case if you do not have a removable motherboard tray.

Venti 15

Venti 14

Venti 16

The backplate is, by far, the hardest part of the ordeal as all that is left is to tighten the cooling block down and secure it to the processor. This is accomplished by four constant tension spring screws which are another simple line up and screw down task. With that down you have your Venti cooling tower installed. The fan can attach to either side of the tower with a pair of two of the metal clips.

Venti 17

Venti 18

Venti 19

Once fully installed you can see the sheer amount of room available around our RAM DIMMs, board heatsinks and fan connections which is always a nice thing to see. 

Venti 20

Venti 21

Venti 22

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Pressed for size and money but still want performance air cooling for your rig? Check out our review of the Venti by Evercool.
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Cooling Performance



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Yeah, good Air coolers are a lot like women.

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