Overall and Final Verdict

After testing, the Venti finds itself atop the ladder for 120mm CPU coolers we’ve run through our battery and that is an impressive feat for what most would consider to be a small value cooler. Even with only a single fan, the Venti manages to come in at a very thin 68mm which offers much in the way of board real estate which is all too important in the world of air cooling. The direct contact design and the natural looking copper heat pipes are also nice to see and coupled with the powerful included fan the whole package seems to be aimed at pure performance overs on a budget.

The backplate installation is a chore to be sure and something I would like to see improvements made on. The included fan, as previously stated, is just as loud as a stock cooler but for so much more of an increase in performance.  Whether this is a downside is really up to the individual to make the call but I still have to list it as something going against the Venti in this market dominated by silence.

Most companies play it safe with budget cooler designs but Evercool didn’t and it shows through brightly with the Venti. If you’re on a budget and working with the limited space of a mid-tower or other similarly small space builds you can do far worse and if noise is not an issue, give the Venti a strong consideration.


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Deb0 replied the topic: #35124 03 Jul 2014 00:22
Pressed for size and money but still want performance air cooling for your rig? Check out our review of the Venti by Evercool.
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Cooling Performance



Pick two!
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Yeah, good Air coolers are a lot like women.

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