The Venti comes in basic consumer packaging with a mostly white and black color scheme. On the front of the box we get our first look at the cooler along with the ever popular bubble point features. The back of the box is a mirrored copy of the front, so there isn't anything different to see there. 

Venti 1

On the first side of the box we get our socket compatibilities as well as a wire drawing laying out the Venti’s dimensions. One thing to note here is the coolers impressively thin profile at only 68mm even with a single fan installed. Included here are also a few photos of the cooler out of the box.

Venti 2

The other side of the box lists off our features and specifications. A few things of note from here is the fact that the Venti is a direct contact cooler meaning the copper heat pipes make direct contact with the processor instead of running through a contact block like most coolers we have reviewed. Another thing to note is the Venti actually allows the option to install a second fan if you wish.

Venti 3

With the outside covered we are free to dig into the Venti’s contents where we first find our installation accessories packed away in a simple white box alongside our installation guide. While a second fan is not included with the Venti, Evercool is nice enough to supply a second set of fan clips should you wish to install one. All the parts for installation come tucked away in separate little bags as well as a small tube of T-grease 800 Series thermal compound.

Venti 4

Venti 5

The PWM fan included with the Venti to move air across the fins is quite the powerhouse at 2200 rated rpm and over 75 rated CFM. The unfortunate tradeoff is the fans higher than usual noise level rating which means we can expect, more than likely, the noise level during our peak test isn’t going to impress. The case fan rating does make you wonder about how performance will be affected, however.

Venti 6

Finally, we get our first look at the Venti main unit and the first thing you notice is the eye-catching copper color of the four heat pipes. Unlike most coolers the heat pipes do not have the usual plating which gives the Venti a unique styling. This choice is likely due to the Direct Contact design of the cooler. Each of the fins is soldered directly to the heat pipe for maximum heat dissipation though unlike what we have seen with recent Noctua heatsink reviews, the sides of the fins remain in an open orientation.

Venti 7

Venti 8

Next, we take a look and the heat block and the direct contact design that has the heat pipes making direct contact with the thermal paste on processor. This design is something of a rarity because of the amount of engineering required to eliminate bumps, crevices and imperfections in the blocks face due to the individual heat pipes but Evercool’s tooling here looks spot on with a similar tooled finish we’ve encountered in other reviews.

Venti 9

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Pressed for size and money but still want performance air cooling for your rig? Check out our review of the Venti by Evercool.
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Cooling Performance



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Yeah, good Air coolers are a lot like women.

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