I was expecting big things from the Venti’s direct contact design and in our peak test this little 120mm tower cooler did not disappoint. The pure copper heat pipes and powerful fan managed to dissipate more heat than any other 120mm air cooler we’ve tested to date, even beating out the two fan orientation of the NH-U12S handily in processor temps. The RAM test results are also quite impressive with the powerful 75 CFM sitting right on the RAM DIMMs during operation and providing comparable performance to top down designs.



In our real world tests, the Venti kept the cool air flowing as it even managed to best the much larger Dark Rock Pro2 in a more real world environment. RAM temperatures were more of the same as well as the Venti cemented itself as one of the best dual purpose coolers we’ve run through our test battery.



I said earlier in the review that the Venti’s included PWM fan boasted and abnormally high sound rating at 100% operation and it is here where we find the coolers only failing with dB(A) ratings nearly mirroring a stock air cooler. Still this isn’t much of a downfall if you look at the pure performance gains for nearly equal sound. The emitted sound at 100% operation is not distinct or whiney and could probably been curve with the addition of some form of vibration absorbance.


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Pressed for size and money but still want performance air cooling for your rig? Check out our review of the Venti by Evercool.
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Cooling Performance



Pick two!
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Yeah, good Air coolers are a lot like women.

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