Antec Twelve Hundred

With cars the reason you see such a wide variety of brands, models, colors, and options is because everyone has their own idea of perfect, the same goes for PC cases. Today we are going to take a look at a new case from Antec. The Antec Twelve hundred is a redesigned and larger version of Antec’s popular 900. Dressed in almost all black with an amazing amount of fans and mess they hope for it to be a success with the enthusiast crowd. Considering how many of their 900 case that you see at Lan’s (PDX lan even did a case modding contest just for 900’s) they already have their foot in the door with the Twelve Hundred. We will take a look at the case to see how easy it is to work with, how well it keeps your components cool, and take a closer look at its aesthetics and features.

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In Win Metal Suit GD

p1020787-640x480.JPG What you choose to put your computer in says a lot about you. People use their case as a way to express themselves, or even just as a way to show off. Once you pick something that you like the looks of your not out of the water yet. You have to keep in mind the size of your motherboard, how many drives you need, and most importantly how good does the case cool the components. In Win has provided us one of their new gamer focused cases the Metal Suit GD to take a look at. We will find out how well it looks, performs, and holds up to the life of a gamer. Click to read more about the In Win Metal Suit GD.

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