The packaging for the Era ITX was smaller than the last Fractal case that I had come in. But it has the same look. Fractal keeps things simple with brown boxes and no color or multi-color prints. Everything is printed in black including the line drawing of the case on the front of the box. The model name is in the top right corner and it wraps around to the back where it is up top as well. The front does have a small box for the color of the model with a sticker in the color of the case. Then around on the side, it has a specification listing which is nice for anyone shopping in retail. The back of the box has another line drawing, but this time it is smaller and it is blown up to show each piece of the case. Above that, they talk about a few of its main features including its modularity which is obvious with the number of components in the picture lol.

image 1
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When you open the box up they have put a box right at the top with all of the accessories. This is interesting because normally most cases only have a few things and they can fit inside of the case. Under that, you will find the Era ITX wrapped up in a foam bag and then sitting in between two foam trays to hold it away from the edges of the box and keep it safe in shipping.

image 4
image 5

Then once you get the case out, you have a bag with the instruction manual inside as well as a paper explaining how to handle returns. I will talk more about the instructions later. But I have to say that Fractal did a great job with them, don’t skip over them.

image 6

The accessories box has a thick layer of foam padding. Then in the middle, there are two of the swappable top panels. All of the Era ITX cases come with the mesh panel but depending on the color of the case you go with the other will be different. I hope that they also sell them independently as well to let people change things up even more. Our Titanium Gray model came with a Walnut top panel and it is the only model with Walnut. Silver has White Oak, then the Carbon, Gold, and Cobalt all come with a tempered glass top panel. In addition to the top panels, there is a small box with the other accessories. It has a picture diagram with each screw pictured along with the quality. You also get 5 small zip ties as well.

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