I don’t think there is anything in PC hardware that I like more than when the community creates their own products. You mostly see it in the more hardcore enthusiast markets because there isn’t as big of a market for companies to throw money at but the interest is there. So with things like keyboards, Small Form Factor builds, and overclocking we have seen over the years the community as a whole put input into a design and someone or a small group step up and produce and evolve that product. Often those designs are on a different level in build quality and often extremely expensive as well. For the overclocking market, with this, there have been overclockers making their own pots, ways to delid CPUs, and even mounts to run CPUs without their heatspreader for better temps. Well, the Open Benchtable has that same history. It started with HWBOT and OverClocking-TV and later Streacom joined in for the production side of things. Well Streacom, after talking with Open Benchtable, sent over their BC1. On its surface, it is a test bench, but it is a unique take on one that I have been excited to check out and today's the day. Let’s take a look!

Product Name: BC1 Open Benchtable

Review Sample Provided by: Streacom

Written by: Wes Compton

Amazon Affiliate Link: HERE




Motherboard compatibility

XL-ATX, E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ATX, Mini ITX

Motherboard standoffs height

25 mm

Rubber feet


Compatibility with fans or radiators (via brackets)

240 mm, 140 mm, 120 mm, 92 mm, 80 mm

Storage drive support

Yes (up to 2x drives) – 2.5″ and 3.5″

Psu support

Yes, ATX 12V / BTX, ATX large and ATX-EPS

Psu weight

Maximum 10 kg

Bracket design

New generation

Load capacity

25 kg per table / 5 kg spread on two brackets

Material – table

100% AL5052 Aluminum (heavy duty)

Table finish

Sandblasted 80 grain, “white matt”, “black”, “red” anodizing

Material – screws

100% SS304 Steel


1x Manual

14x M3 thumbcrews

6x 6#32 thumbcrews

8x Standoffs

8x Pushpin standoffs

4x PCIe thumbscrews

4x AiO / Fan brackets

1x Traveller protection sleeve


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