The Open Benchtables best feature is that it breaks down flat and that also ends up being a huge help when it comes to the packaging because the box doesn’t have to be big or complicated. It’s like a box you would get an important plaque in. All blacked out except for the BC1 and OpenBenchtable on the front with a chrome finish. Ours did come in with one corner banged up but it protected the benchtable perfectly. Around back it is black as well but there are three stickers. Two just have instructions to cut to open and then the third has all of the important information. This includes the SKU and UPC as well as the color of our table which happens to be black. The BC1 name is there and the logo is a Streacom logo.

image 1
image 2
image 3

Once you break the seals you can pull the top of the box off and inside you find the Open Benchtable with foam on the top and bottom to keep it from moving around. After you pull it out, they also have a small instruction manual tucked up under the bench in its own cutout. The instructions are a two-sided color printed paper that breaks down each of the components and their uses.

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