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Prior to getting the Phanteks Enthoo Elvolv ITX in, most of my experience with their brand has been just seeing people using their cases online and at events. It’s crazy to think that Phanteks cases as a whole are relatively new to the market when you see how popular they are. But now that I have built in one I can completely see why people like them. I really dig the look of the Evolv ITX, the dogbone shape adds a unique style without being weird or over the top and beyond that, they just aim to make a clean case. The interior layout works well with the exception of the lack of support for the recently popular 2 and a half slot video cards and the relatively short PSU space. The red accents in the red and black model they sent over is really eye catching but I think even the all blacked out model or the white with black accents model look good.

Overall the form factor was really easy to work with while still being small. It isn’t one of today's tiny ITX cases but for someone who doesn’t need their case to fit in a backpack, it will do the job. Coming from an ATX or mATX case it is also going to save you some room on your desk as well. But I think it’s the price that really works here. The MSRP is $74.99 but right now you can get this red version for $59.99, that’s a hell of a deal. The case has the features of the higher end cases and looks more expensive than it is. They did save some money by going with a little bit smaller gauge sheet metal for the case but unless pressing on the panels you don’t really feel it. Because of the metal gauge, the case weighs less, so I guess that is a silver lining. I have some more testing in the works with this case and a few Ryzen configurations. Past that I will be looking for an excuse to put the Evolv IT to use.


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