With the right side panel pulled off, we can get inside of the case and get a better idea of the layout. This is a traditional layout unlike most ITX cases these days. So it has the same configuration as an ATX case, only much smaller. The main thing you are going to notice with the interior of our sample is the glossy red finish they put inside. It is on the divider that splits the power supply up and helps hide the wiring. It is also on the motherboard tray and the unique drive rack that goes around the video card.

image 6

So the cage that wraps around the video card has the Phanteks branding on it and it can also be opened up to make it easy to slide your card in. There are two thumb screws to unlatch the flap and then it pivots up like in the photo below. On top, it does having mounting op top for a 2.5 or 2.5-inch drive. I personally wouldn’t mount a hard drive here but if you have a good looking SSD that matches the build like the red HyperX drive it would look good here. I don’t know if it was intentional but this cage also funnels some of the air from the single 200mm fan in the front that it comes with. You can swap that 200mm to a dual 120mm or 140mm setup and if you want you can put in a dual 120mm radiator but you will have to remove this cage all together. Assuming you aren’t running a radiator in the front you get up to 330mm of video card clearance.

image 7

image 15

image 16

Up top, we are back in black with as you can see there are a few ventilation options here. You can run dual 120 or 140mm fans and dual 120/140mm radiators up here. The only concern with water cooling is clearing the motherboard when it is installed but the offset mounts make room.

image 8

The motherboard tray has a huge CPU backplate access hole in it so you don’t have to worry about pulling the motherboard out later if you want to swap coolers or replace your thermal paste. For wire management, there are two grommeted holes on the right and then if you look closely there are a few smaller holes up along the top as well for some of the smaller cables. Then down at the bottom, there are two access holes to run cables directly up from the power supply compartment.

image 10

Speaking of the power supply compartment here it is. It's interesting that Phanteks left enough room for you to still see the side of the power supply in the front but not big enough of a hole to install it that direction. This is just to show off the make and model of your power supply I guess. I would be fine without that though. On top of this enclosure, you have a bunch of ventilation and the two holes I mentioned by the bottom of the motherboard. There is also a hole under the cage that goes around the video card as well to get your power cables up to it.

image 9

image 11

I really like what they did for cable management on the back of the case. So the right side of the back where the motherboard is installed doesn’t have as much room between the side panel and the tray. But just to the left, they opened up room. You can run cables up directly from the PSU enclosure to the grommeted holes and they even have two Velcro straps to help keep everything cleaned up when going up or down.

image 12

image 13

Back here we have the main drive mounts. Up top, there is a metal bracket that comes off for a single 2.5-inch drive. It is mounted on rubber for vibrations should you use a laptop hard drive. Then down at the end of the power supply enclosure, there are two pull out plastic 3.5 inch hard drive trays. They are toolless when used with 3.5-inch drives and they also included holes to screw mount more SSDs if needed.

image 14

image 18

This is the back access to the power supply enclosure. This is the only direction it can be installed. Oddly enough Phanteks didn’t include the max length for a power supply that will fit. There isn’t a ton of room but any normal length ATX power supply will fit. I just wouldn’t try to fit a 1000+ watt model in here, not that you would need it. There is filtered ventilation on the bottom for the PSUs intake fan to keep it running cool and dust free.

image 17


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