The Agusta supports up to full ATX motherboards, so anyone with an e-ATX or XL-ATX board may be out of luck. For our testing we used our Ivy Bridge test setup that is using an Asus Micro ATX board. While installing our setup I was a little concerned on how I would hide all of the extra cabling from our non-modular power supply. This ended up not being a big issue as expected due to the extra space the wide side panels give. The grommets to the right of the motherboard were a little tight fitting the 24 pin power connection as well but after a little fighting trying to keep it from pulling the grommet off it went through. Installing the hard drives were easy and getting power and SATA to them was simple because of their location just below the PSU and motherboard SATA ports.

With everything installed I played around with the fan control and lighting on the front panel. The fact that you have the fan controller is nice because all of the fans together do make a little bit of noise, not much but if you are looking for dead silent you are going to have to play with the speeds a little bit. Of course that is the downside to having so many fans. The upside is this case does a great job keeping things cool, simply by brute force with all of its fans.

image 37


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