The front of the Agusta’s box basically gets right to the point and shows off one of the cases most notable features, the armor looking styling across the front of the case. Beyond that large photo across the front you will actually only find the Raidmax logo and the product name keeping the front of the packaging very simple.

image 2

Around back Raidmax has included a few more angles of the Agusta as well as pictures of each of the cases features with short explanations under them. What I like the most is that they included a diagram of the cooling layout for the case as well.

image 1

Inside we found the case with packaging slightly different than what we normally see. Rather than Styrofoam they went with a plastic based foam wrapped in cardboard. This combination is much stronger and will protect the case even more during shipping. It also makes the case a little easier to pull out. The case itself is wrapped in a nice fabric bag to protect it from damage and fingerprints and it doubles as a nice way to transport your case to LANs as well.

image 3

image 4

Inside along with the case Raidmax packed all of the cases accessories. I was impressed that rather than going with a cheap bag they used a reusable heavy duty plastic bag to hold them all. This is great for holding onto all of your extra parts after your build is finished as well. Inside you get a user manual, speaker header, all screws needed, and even reusable Velcro wire ties as well!

image 34

image 36



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