img_1726-lanoc-reviews-lanoc-reviews-smallIn my travels around CES I saw countless different designs for keyboards and mice. I set out to find a booth from our friends over at Razer, counting down to CES they were really hyping up an upcoming product that they would announce the first day of CES. Razer decided to skip out on the booth this year and instead had a meeting room. It wasn’t hard to find the Razer meeting room considering it was fully covered in black and green designs. I went inside and meet up with Nicholas Depalmer, you might remember the name from our “Interview with a gamer”.


Inside the booth Razer had setup a few of the products that have come out recently or will be coming out in the near future. It didn’t take long for me to spot what I was hoping to see. Razer introduced the Mamba cordless gaming mouse.



As you can see from the packaging, the Mamba is their crown jewel. After 5 years of development, that isn’t a surprise.



Even when charging they are showcasing the mouse


What I really like is when the mouse is plugged in it acts as a standard wired mouse. This means that if you are worried about wireless interference at a lan you can plug the mouse in to resolve any issues.




The Mamba wasn’t the only thing announced at CES. The Carcharias is very similar to the recently announced Megalodon. The main difference being the Carcharias will be in a lower price range, and they won’t have the USB interface that the Megalodon has.



I also had a chance to take a listen to the Mako. Amazing!


Keep an eye out for full Razer displays in your local Best Buy soon



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